Monday, August 1, 2011

Nip Slip. Pun involuntarily intended.

Nude underwear is practical and a model's necessity.
But let's face it. A strapless bra is just as cozy as a thong.

So there are days where I'll wear silicone nipple covers instead.
I forget that that they're there and they do what they have to do for my girls.

During a recent casting, the client had requested for just me out of all the other girls in my agency to try on their clothes for their catalogue.  Yes, I thought.

"Please change."

And changed I did - into their baggy-styled sporty clothing.

"Pose, please."

And pose I did.  Cool poses, that is.  As cool as cool can be.  Heck.  I felt super cool.

They smiled.  I smiled.

And just as I thought I would make a graceful exit and an unfaltering impression, I slip backwards a little as I tried to walk towards the changing room.  I looked down at my feet for the culprit. There it was, my left silicone nipple cover, surprisingly still in tact despite my heel's attempt to puncture it.

The clients' smiles had now turned into stifled chuckles.  I may have let out a sheepish laugh.  I can't remember really.  But I quickly grabbed the cover and said "Thank you" to everyone in the room.

The "Thank you" was for having me try out for them.  I realize now that it may have sounded as the kind of "Thank you" one gives to an audience after having performed in front of them.

I'm going to blame Guangzhou's humidity on this one.


  1. Oh those nip slips....gotta love them. At least yours weren't the ones that made you look like you had stick nipples.

  2. I suppose the question here is, did losing the nipple cover help you or hurt you?

  3. @tryingtostaysane: ha! those would totally defeat the purpose.

    @janus: I'm hoping it was irrelevant. But if you must know, I haven't heard from them. Har, har.

  4. Maybe you haven't heard from them because they thought you were only half as perky as you should be. :)

  5. at least you have silicon ones. I've actually witnessed models having to put band aids on their nipples... BAND AIDS... it had hello kitty written all over it.

  6. @Janus: No comment lol.

    @Leena: Wellllll. I'll admit to using band-aids - but as a last measure and NOT with hello kitty hahahah. Meowww!