Why haven't they invented a gizmo that just pulls out a witty and clever Cliff's note version of your life from your brain and then pastes it into these sections?

I mean, I want to keep it simple but I digress too much to do so.

For those who are simply reading this section to find out what it is that you can find on my blog, let me get it out of the way for you.

-Debt Busting:  I used to have $10,000 in credit card debt that made me miserable.  I made certain lifestyle changes and my birthday gift to myself in 2013 was paying the whole thing off.  Best.  Birthday.  Gift.  Ever.  Thanks Suze Orman.

No one likes to admit to their debt.  You want to talk about it with someone to get it off your chest but at the same time, that means you'd have to deal with the shame of it.  I get it. What I noticed though was when I was able to admit to it, all of a sudden, everyone and their mother came out of the woodwork and we were able to have conversations about it.

It's a bit comforting to know that you're not the only one dealing with it and even more comforting to know that you can get out of it if you put your mind to it.  Let me share with you guys what I've done so you guys can do the same.  Let me chip in on your birthday gift so we can celebrate after.

-Frugality: I'm by no means a candidate for TLC's Extreme Couponers or Cheapskates (although I wouldn't mind adding "extreme couponing" to my bucket list and I've watched all the episodes of Cheapskates at least twice by now).  However, I'm an eBay enthusiast and I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that helped me save  hard earned dollars.

-Model Musings:   It's exactly what it sounds like.  I'll blog about my past and current modeling gigs. It'll be more than just behind-the-scenes commentary.  If it was just that, it'd be Instagram.  Yeah.  I have that too.  #shamelessplug

 -Wanderlust:  I've been bitten by the travel bug and my fair share of bird like mosquito bites as well.  I now have withdrawals if I don't go somewhere new.  I'm constantly looking for an adventure and my goal in life is to have experiences rarely experienced by others.  You know how people post glorified photos of their food and gluttony and call it food porn?  Well, mine'll be like TRAVEL SMUT.  Ooh.  I just made myself shudder at the caps emphasis.

That ended up being longer than I wanted, but whew, at least I got it done.

If you're still wondering about the mind behind the writing, then here are some bullets for your curiosity's pleasure:

-I wasn't meant to be a model, but I did it anyways and traveled the world doing it.  I've modeled in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam and ended up spending 3 years living in my proud motherland of Vietnam.  There, I dealt with culture shock, fantasy and reality. 

-I went to an all-girls Catholic high school in the heart of downtown San Jose.  I once waited for my mom to pick me up from school when a homeless man once asked me "DO YOU WANT THIS!" and threw down a thick 7 inch stack of porn at my feet in front of a bunch of other girls waiting for their parents to pick them up.  I don't know why I still remember this moment, but I do unfortunately.

-My first job was when I was 14 as a Togo's "Sandwich Artisté".  I got paid $6.75 an hour which was like...A LOT, considering minimum wage back then was $5 and some change.  I framed my first paycheck and now I have no idea where the damn thing is.  Whyyyyy.  (And okay, so I just added that extra é for pizzazz, but we really were called Sandwich Artists!)

-On my random resume, I've been a scuba diving stunt double in the Philippines, starred in a Vietnamese soap opera called "Nữ Vệ Sĩ" (Female Bodyguard), managed a female Vietnamese rapper, spent 10 days in Buenos Aires as a reporter for a Vietnamese program about the World Cup) and oh yeah, I've been an Easter Bunny.  I had kids call me out as they declared "That Easter bunny is a girl!" To which I wanted to yell back, "Where do you think all these eggs came from?!  A BOY BUNNY?!"

-I want to live all over the world.  Even when we have kids.  I'm packing them with us and they're going to learn Khmer, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, conversational Arabic and oh yeah, English.  That's just how it's going to be. 

-You'll never hear me say "I'm old" simply because I won't ever believe it.  Even when I become a nonagenarian.  I feel younger every day.  I still get excited about life and everything the universe has given me.  In fact, it's the utmost pet peeve of mine when I hear people whine that they're old.  Especially when they're like a decade younger than me.  It boggles me.  To me, that means you've already seen and learned everything life has to offer you.  If that's the case, then your mind and spirit is just as good six feet under.

-And finally, I still deal with acne.  Lame.  But thanks to makeup, lighting and photoshop, the rest of the world and my future offspring won't ever have to know of this.  Oh wait, now they do.

And that should be that.  The obligatory "about" section.  Feel free to write in comments and questions and I'll either respond to them in the comment section or dedicate a whole entry to it even.  Enjoy!  Life!